Monday, March 26, 2012

Every Day Always So Pretty

We're riding the bus on the north side going back to my house and we're playing sight-seeing, one of Jocelyn's favorite games. Later we'll play Spot the Pretty Flowers on the Lawns, which is an odd game to play in Chicago in March, but here we are, in full bloom and looking at leaves and flowers blossom with the type of fascination I've never had for them before - the type of fascination reserved for fathers talking their nature-loving, tree-hugging daughters out for a nature walk - and maybe for arbor-biologists, I guess. If that is such a thing.

But for now, we're on a a business-dominated street and there's just boring stores and restaurants. But then I see a young woman walking by herself and Jocelyn spots her too and she says, "Ooh! That girl has on boots. The same boots that Claudia has."

Claudia is her best friend forever's mother. We met when they lived next door to each other and we found out they shared an affinity for princess wear and smashing bugs.

"Are you sure those are the same boots?"

If the fate of an innocent man were to be decided on my proclivity for remembering fabrics, cuts, colors, or even types of articles of clothes, I would buy some candles and say a few prayers. So I'm always amazed when someone else can remember anything about any piece of clothing that another person wore. In fact, I'm amazed when I remember my own articles. Jocelyn only notices them when I'm wearing my boat shoes. "Haha! Daddy, you got the same shoes as the principal, daddy! Ha ha."

For now, though, she's reminded of a fellow fashion maven.

"Claudia always has the best clothes. She always looks so pretty! Every day she always looks and dresses so pretty."

There are a lot of moments when parental jealousy can come creeping in. This, thankfully, is not one of them.

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